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» - Peoples Institute of Rural Development




Marathi site about Non profit org. named Grameen Vikas Loksanstha (PIRD)working with rural people in Maharashtra.







When you search for Saswad On Internet, youll get nothing, except few aticles ....This inspired us to put information about our Village on Internet.... Saswad is newly developing industrial zone. It can be used as upcoming tourist center as a tourist circuit or week-end tourist spot. Now Saswad culture, peoples and information open for world and world should salute the Saswad talent. we thought to put our own website (include your support) with maximum information and with few innovative ideas, and now we have we are starting from the Dharmik Information, tourism palaces and village list section. We will trying to bring you full information from Saswad area to keep you updates what’s going in Saswad. We are going to upgrade site details regularly as we get information. Our sincere try is to make maximum information available. Also we are welcome for your comments, Information (about your Village) and suggestion to upgrade and make this site femous & populer. So keep visiting....